The Path to Wealth in 2022

What would it take to live a wealthy life and become financially successful?

It only takes a few steps, which can be big for some and small for others.

You won’t get wealthy without taking any steps, here’s what I would do and what I have done to build my own wealthy life.

I LOVE Wine Investing

Recently we have added about 4% of our portfolio to wine. We have an extremely aggressive portfolio as outlined by my article showing exactly what we have invested and why. I want to discuss the importance of having wine as an investment, how you can purchase fine wine, and the economics of this decision. FirstContinue reading “I LOVE Wine Investing”


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I have a degree in Financial Planning from Arizona State University. I have completed my Securities Industry Essentials certificate, and currently I am working toward becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Helping others achieve their goals and sharing my knowledge and experience is the purpose of this site.

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