5 Tips I’ve learned After 5 Years of Investing

How to win with investing… 5 quick tips that would have helped me make thousands of extra dollars throughout my investing journey these first 5 years. Saving a few grand seems like a good time to me. 1. Be Consistent This is slightly cliche, but it’s critical. Just like working out, leaning a new skill,Continue reading “5 Tips I’ve learned After 5 Years of Investing”

Is Uncorrelated Wine Investing Over?

Is the beauty of fine wine investing over? Are new platforms going to end the days of one of the best uncorrelated assets?

The Path to Wealth in 2022

What would it take to live a wealthy life and become financially successful?

It only takes a few steps, which can be big for some and small for others.

You won’t get wealthy without taking any steps, here’s what I would do and what I have done to build my own wealthy life.

I LOVE Wine Investing

Recently we have added about 4% of our portfolio to wine. We have an extremely aggressive portfolio as outlined by my article showing exactly what we have invested and why. I want to discuss the importance of having wine as an investment, how you can purchase fine wine, and the economics of this decision. FirstContinue reading “I LOVE Wine Investing”

How to Invest During a War (Protect your wealth)

War time is frightening to anyone and all of us watching the current global situation of Ukraine and Russia can see that there are many uncertain events that will take place in the near future. How do citizens of these countries as well as people worried about potential conflict in their own lives, or anContinue reading “How to Invest During a War (Protect your wealth)”

Day Trading Fine Wine – Vinovest

Vinovest has recently started the first online trading platform for Fine Wines. The first time you can ‘day-trade’ wines online. It is still in the beta, so there are many things that need to be adjusted, like the ability to sell the wines you purchase. They have begun this process by allowing access to certainContinue reading “Day Trading Fine Wine – Vinovest”

Is Fine Wine the Best Portfolio Hedge?

Is Fine Wine the Best Portfolio Hedge? My portfolio consists of many investments and they seem to have a higher correlation than they are ‘supposed to.’ Index funds, equities, commodities, Bitcoin, wine, REITs, and even foreign markets. The problem with most of these is that when the US Stock market is falling, most of theseContinue reading “Is Fine Wine the Best Portfolio Hedge?”

BitSip – Investing in ONLY Bitcoin and Wine

Before I start this post, I want to explain this is just a theory I have. It is not investment advice and I personally invest in more than just Bitcoin and Wine. During 2022 a large portion of my investments have been and will continue to be in these two investments. I want to exploreContinue reading “BitSip – Investing in ONLY Bitcoin and Wine”

Can you retire after 20 years of serving in the military?

You may be suprised that many people can’t actually retire after 20 years of service. In fact, I’ve never met anyone who has. How can you set yourself up for retirement after serving?

4 Ways the Military made me RICH!

The military has allowed me to get ahead financially. Here are 4 things I used to get that financial edge compared to many people my age, thanks to my military benefits. These benefits allowed me to invest a lot of extra cash I otherwise would have spent. Some Credit Card Companies Waive their annual fees:Continue reading “4 Ways the Military made me RICH!”