How much money do you need to retire?

What does it take to retire? Does the 4% rule still work with current inflation? How can you diversify effectively to retire on time and have stable income during retirement? What is the safest way to retire? How much money do you need? paying off house, saving on bills, cutting expenses, what are your priorities?Continue reading “How much money do you need to retire?”

Is a 50% Bitcoin Portfolio too much?

My portfolio is up to 50% Bitcoin. Is that too much? I want to break it down to the basics. First off, what is money? People must understand this to understand bitcoins value. Money is a way to store value/wealth over time and space. It allows you to trade with people around the world andContinue reading “Is a 50% Bitcoin Portfolio too much?”

Why I sold HALF of my Ethereum in 2022

Ethereum. Bitcoin. Solana. Polkadot. Litecoin. Dogecoin. Shiba? Cardano. BinanceSmart Chain (BSC). I went a little overboard on that list. But at least 4 of those are fightingfor the same goal and those 4 are all trying to take Ethereum’s market cap andwin the battle of becoming a smartchain/defi/dApps/smart contracts cryptocurrency chain. I understand that EthereumContinue reading “Why I sold HALF of my Ethereum in 2022”

50 Investments for 2022

Bitcoin – potentially the future of money or at least store of value Wine – Vinovest allows you to invest in fine wine without much knowledge Gold – historically this would be considered a good store of value oil – some people think it’s going away, other think it’s going to keep growing big techContinue reading “50 Investments for 2022”

Lower Your Time Preference. A short story.

I have woken up. I’m 63 years old and my children have successful careers thankfully. I’m still working but because the world is evolving so fast, I must work a minimum wage job. I’m trained extensively in my old career as a mechanic, but it’s been outsourced, and I got laid off from a companyContinue reading “Lower Your Time Preference. A short story.”

My first 60 days with Vinovest

I became very interested in wine about a year ago. 10 months later I decided that I would diversify my portfolio with fine wine investing. When researching wine and trying to find a good way to start investing in the wine world, I stumbled upon This is summary about my first 60 days usingContinue reading “My first 60 days with Vinovest”

My Free Vacations for a Year

I’ve been using tons of credit card points this year. I talk about them all the time, how credit cards are extremely beneficial for everyone, especially those who enjoy traveling and would love to take more free trips! I’m going to go over all of the trips I’ve done this year, that have cost meContinue reading “My Free Vacations for a Year”

Stablecoins – The Future of Savings Accounts

Why Americans Don’t Save! If your bank was paying you $10 for every $100 that you saved in your savings account, do you think you would save more? Right now, people are getting around 0.01% give or take a few points. That is about 1 PENNY per 100 dollars saved. With inflation those people areContinue reading “Stablecoins – The Future of Savings Accounts”

2 nights at the Ritz-Carlton

This isn’t a rap song. It’s my experience spending multiple days at a Ritz thanks to my American Express Platinum. This post will probably make me seem like a brat or ‘bougie’ however I’m trying to rate this on a 5-star scale. Not on the same scale as a Holiday-Inn or a Motel-6. Steak andContinue reading “2 nights at the Ritz-Carlton”

Why You Should Start Investing When You Are Broke

It’s 2021, almost 2022, and we have a monetary system that is FAILING. In the last 12-18 months more than 40% of all dollars were created. Yes, you read that correctly… Everything that you want to eat, drive, buy, or live in is becoming so expensive most people are not going to be able toContinue reading “Why You Should Start Investing When You Are Broke”