Is Uncorrelated Wine Investing Over?

Is the beauty of fine wine investing over? Are new platforms going to end the days of one of the best uncorrelated assets?

I LOVE Wine Investing

Recently we have added about 4% of our portfolio to wine. We have an extremely aggressive portfolio as outlined by my article showing exactly what we have invested and why. I want to discuss the importance of having wine as an investment, how you can purchase fine wine, and the economics of this decision. FirstContinue reading “I LOVE Wine Investing”

Day Trading Fine Wine – Vinovest

Vinovest has recently started the first online trading platform for Fine Wines. The first time you can ‘day-trade’ wines online. It is still in the beta, so there are many things that need to be adjusted, like the ability to sell the wines you purchase. They have begun this process by allowing access to certainContinue reading “Day Trading Fine Wine – Vinovest”

My first 60 days with Vinovest

I became very interested in wine about a year ago. 10 months later I decided that I would diversify my portfolio with fine wine investing. When researching wine and trying to find a good way to start investing in the wine world, I stumbled upon This is summary about my first 60 days usingContinue reading “My first 60 days with Vinovest”